Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285 Review

Kitchen sinks come with a broad range of materials. Traditional kitchen sinks used to come with metal construction. But it is not always mandatory to buy a stainless steel sink. Particularly, when you want to have a classic look at your kitchen, a product with granite material would be more relative. Though different manufacturers have granite products, only a few of them has top-grade materials. Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285 is one of them.

Now, the question is, why should you pick this one instead of the others? This Blanco Undermount Kitchen sink Diamond 441285 review will give you the details of this product and once you finish the article, will be able to decide if it is worth to spend your money.

What is the Blanco Diamond 441285 Kitchen Sink?

Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285

Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285

This is a double bowl kitchen sink which comes with the classy look and a wide range of working area. It is designed to fit both modern kitchens and vintage styles. If installs properly, it would serve you for years without any major issues.

Features of Blanco Diamond 441285


The first notable feature of this item is its double bowl style. This is a 50/50 double bowl sink that has a large area for working with lots of items. Are you confused why should you buy a double bowl instead of a regular one?

Well, they are designed to allow users to do two different works together. For instance, when you are cleaning lots of dishes after a weekend party, you need something larger and deep.

For this reason, the Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285 comes with a large area and there is a divider to make two part of the sink.

The total dimension of this kitchen sink is 32.25 x 21.25 x 9.5 inches. The 9.5″ depth allows storing lots of utensils. You can keep them for soaking water and soap for deep cleaning.


Do you care about your money? Then you should always buy something durable so that it last longer. If you are looking for a real heavy-duty kitchen sink, this item would be the best choice for you. It comes with the top grade granite material which is heavily durable and ready to do heavy duties.

If you use a low-grade stainless steel kitchen sink, there is a big chance of dent. There are no such issues with it. Even, when you are storing lots of utensils on the surface, it will be stable.

So, it is worth to spend your money. The outlook of the sink is so good that it suits any kitchen décor.

One of the most important issues, getting corrosion and rust is solved in it. Even when you are using some rough scrubbers, scratches will be hidden and not visible easily.

Heat Resistant:

Before writing this review, I have found in different forums that people are complaining about their sink that they can’t use a hot pan directly in the kitchen sink. Well, for that issue, the best solution is using something heat resistant.

Unfortunately, traditional sinks are not heat resistant and when you put something hot, it makes scratches.

But the scenario is different from the Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285 . The surface of the sink is heat resistant up to 536°F. You can directly toss your hot pan or pot on the sink for cleaning.

Also, you can drain out hot water in it without any scratch marks. There won’t be a burning issue.

Versatile Installation:

Installing a kitchen sink is so tough, isn’t it? But what about something easier which you can do yourself? The Blanco Diamond 441285 double bowl kitchen sink is designed for versatile installation. The ideal installation process is under-mount style.

For the under-mount style, you need at least 33″ cabinet. You can install it with other cabinets too. For that, you need to modify the kitchen cabinet, it, however, requires some expert help.

If you don’t like the under-mount style, can go for the drop-in style and that won’t be an issue. Before ordering this item, remember that the mounting hardware is not included with the sink. You need to buy them separately.

Easy Maintenance:

Want to stay safe from bacterial attack? Then you need to keep the kitchen sink clean all the time. This is possible when there is no water on the surface. To ensure that, it comes with a proper drainage system. It comes with the rear set drain and removes all the water from its surface.

So the surface dries quickly and prevents growing bacteria. The corners come in the rounded shape that you can clean properly.


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Things We Liked

  • Ready to use any hot utensil
  • Doesn’t cause rust or corrosion
  • There is no noise during your works
  • Versatile installation for the users’ convenience
  • 5″ depth of each bowl to accommodate enough dishes
  • The surface dries faster for cleanliness

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with the mounting hardware
  • The sink doesn’t have a shiny look

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this product has a heavyweight?

Not at all. It weighs only 45 pounds and not difficult to handle during installation.

  • Can I use mineral oil on the surface to give a shiny look?

Yes, you can. There are no issues with that.

  • Does this sink get so many scratches after the first year?

There should be some scratches on the surface after one year. But you don’t have to do anything as the scratches won’t be visible easily.

  • Where would I find the drop-in mounting clips?

This kitchen sink comes with the drop-in mounting clips which will help you for installation.

Final Verdict

Blanco Undermount Kitchen Sink Diamond 441285 double basin SILGRANIT  is one of the best kitchen sinks in the market. If you are a big fan of granite kitchen fixtures, this will be the best choice for you.

With the durable construction, this item lasts longer. Also, there will be fewer scratches on it. With a little bit of care, you can keep it look like new.


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