Frigidaire Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

It’s tough to find the best kitchen sink with a good look and durable construction. Most of the kitchen items are either durable or good looking. But this Frigidaire undermount kitchen sink has made it possible.

It looks so gorgeous that goes with any kitchen décor and also heavily durable. It will enhance the charming look of your kitchen. With all the essential features, this includes the advanced features that you will like for sure.

If you are still thinking about why this item should come into your house, here I am going to share the detailed review for you.

What is the Frigidaire Undermount Kitchen Sink?

Frigidaire Undermount Kitchen Sink

Frigidaire Undermount Kitchen Sink

This is a stainless steel kitchen sink that comes in the single bowl style. This item is designed for last longer and suit to your kitchen décor.

Features of Frigidaire Kitchen Sink

Wide Working Area:

Once upon a time, people used to install smaller kitchen sinks to save space. But days have been changed. Now, you need a wide working area so that you can wash so many dishes at the same time.

Especially, at the weekend, you may need to wash some additional utensils. Also, the larger size is essential for washing food items comfortably.

Keeping these factors in consideration, this Frigidaire kitchen sink comes with a large dimension so that it can accommodate lots of items at the same time.

The dimension of this item is 28.5 x 18.5 x 10 inches. So, cleaning so many stuff at the same time is not an issue. Moreover, the depth of the sink is 10″ which is more than enough to store your dishes for soaking. This helps in deep cleaning.

Durable Construction:

When you are spending enough for something, you have the right to know how long the product will perform its best. Without the top-grade materials and durable construction, you can’t expect the longevity of any product.

Frigidaire has made this kitchen sink with the best quality commercial grade 304 stainless steel. This metal is popular for its extreme durability.

The stainless steel is 16 gauge thick. So, it is ready for heavy duties. The fine-tuning the brushed steel finish make the sink shiny and it goes with any home décor. It doesn’t cause stain or scratch so easily.

So, the new look will sustain for a longer period. With all these factors, you can stay sure about longevity.

Additional Items:

Modern kitchen works require different utensils for avoiding any issue. The same goes for a kitchen sink. Besides the main sink, you need to use some additional items that give protection for the sink.

For example, if you want to save the bottom of the sink, you should use a basket strainer. If you buy those additional items separately, it can cost you a lot.

To provide you the best deal, this kitchen sink includes stainless steel dish drying rack, stainless steel bowl bottom grids, basket strainers, and template. Among them, the dish drying rack is the best thing.

After washing your dishes, simply place on the roll down drying rack and no need to wipe out them with clothes.

Noise Reduction:

The most annoying issue in a kitchen sink is the noise. When you are working continuously in a kitchen sink, if there is no noise reduction process, it will create some annoying sounds.

But if you love to have a calm environment, this kitchen sink will be the best. It comes with the V-Therm Shield technology that minimizes the sound.

This technology diminishes the vibration and you get a calm environment in the kitchen. Moreover, this feature ensures heat retention.

Superior Drainage:

Did you know bacteria can easily grow in your kitchen sink? Then when you wash your dishes, they get touch with bacteria and cause some health issues.

The main reason for this situation is a wet surface. After cleaning your dishes, there may have some messy water that causes this danger.

But with the Frigidaire under-mount kitchen sink, there are no such issues. It comes with a superior drainage system. The bottom is slopped that automatically remove the water from the surface.

The drain opening is 3.5″ and it is on the rear side to give you more space for working. You can connect a garbage disposal unit with this drain opening.

Easy Installation:

Installation part of a kitchen sink is so important to protect it from damage. You need to install the sink in the right angle with perfection.

For this, you need to use the accurate mounting hardware and it may take some additional time for finding. But the Frigidaire kitchen sink includes the mounting hardware and cutting template.

This item requires the under-mount installation. Follow the user manual and use the mounting hardware that included with the product and you are ready to go. The minimum cabinet size requires for this sink is 33″.


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Things We Liked

  • Brush steel finish for an attractive look
  • Dishwasher safe bottom grids
  • V-Therm Shield technology to minimize vibration as well as noise
  • Rear set drain for accommodating large pans
  • 10″ depth allows storing lots of utensils
  • Lightweight design to handle comfortably

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There is no faucet hole in the sink
  • The sloped bottom doesn’t allow to store glassware securely

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is this kitchen sink suitable for outdoor installation?

Yes, if you wish, you can install it outdoor without any issues.

  • Does the sink cause water spots on the surface?

If you keep the sink wet, it may cause watermark. Simply wipe it out after completing your works.

  • Does it fit any garbage disposal unit?

This kitchen sink comes with a 3.5″ drain opening which fits any standard garbage disposal unit.

  • What to do if my kitchen cabinet is more than 33″?

In that case, you need to modify the cabinet. Get some expert help to do it with perfection.

Final Verdict

Frigidaire Undermount Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink is one of the best products in the market that last longer and suits to your kitchen décor. It easily fits granite, marble, quartz and solid surface counters.

Average customer reviews for this unit is better than similar products at the same price. If you have a good budget and you care about the quality, this is the best item to buy.

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