How to Clean Acrylic Sink – Experts’ Advice

You may have purchased the best kitchen sink for your kitchen. But you need to take care of that for keeping it safe. Among all other things, the most important one is keeping it clean. An unhygienic kitchen sink can cause several health issues. However, you don’t have to be worried if you know how to clean in the right manner. Here I am going to share the pro tips that will help you to keep your acrylic kitchen sink clean.

How to Clean Acrylic Kitchen Sink

Remove the Leftover Food Ingredients 

After washing your messy dishes in a kitchen sink, it is crucial to remove the larger food particles from the sink surface.

If you keep the sink in messy condition for a longer period, there is a good chance that they will stick to the surface which is hard to remove.

Rinse it immediately 

When you have completed all your cleaning works such as dish cleaning and washing the food ingredients, rinse the sink thoroughly with fresh water.

This helps to wash out the bacteria and other food particles. As a result, there will be less sticky food particles in the sink.

Run Some Hot Water Through the Drain 

If there are some stains in the sink, you should run some hot water through the drain of the sink. Hot water works better on the stains and kills the bacteria on the surface. So, you will have a hygienic sink.

Wash the Sink with Gentle Soap and Hot Water 

You can use hot water and mild to strong soap for cleaning your acrylic kitchen sink. Pour the cleaning solution over the surface and then run warm water through it for removing the heavy stains.

However, sometimes only running water through the surface with soap may not work for you. In that case, you should apply a scrubber.

It doesn’t need to be rough. Worried about scrubber if it will cause some scratches? If yes, use the dish cleaning sponge instead of applying a scrubber and move it gently on the surface for cleaning the stains.

Spray Hydrogen Peroxide on the Surface 

Hydrogen peroxide contains bleaching properties and it works great on an acrylic material. If you have this solution at home, you may apply it for deep cleaning of the sink.

This is not an expensive solution and available in chemical stores. Online stores also sell them. With Hydrogen peroxide, cover the whole surface of the kitchen sink.

Now, wait from 15 minutes to 1 hour for a good action. The longer you wait, the more effective result will be achieved. After waiting for a certain period, rinse the kitchen sink surface with water and it will wash away the stains.

Pour Some Baking Soda for Cleaning 

You may have heard of cleaning stainless steel kitchen sinks with baking soda. The method is also applicable for an acrylic kitchen sink. Spread the powder over the surface.

The baking soda should foam up a little bit and it loosens up the dirt for easy cleaning. Wash with water and get a new looking kitchen sink.

However, this method is not essential for regular cleaning. Only when there is heavy stain and other methods are not working effectively, you may follow this step.

Apply Lemon Juice and Salt

Daily usage of the kitchen sink may cause some hard to remove stains on the surface and you should clean it properly.

I suggest using lemon juice with salt for removing those stains. Prepare a mixture of lemon juice and salt and apply it or you can apply these two ingredients individually.

Use a cloth for wiping the mixture and it should remove dirt and stains. Then wash with regular water.

Polish the Sink Surface with Lemon Oil 

Acrylic kitchen sinks easily lose the shiny look after heavy usage. If you wish to bring the classic look back, lemon oil could play an effective role.

All you have to do is taking a dry cloth and take 3 to 4 drops of the oil on that cloth. Now polish the entire surface with the cloth to give it a shiny look.

However, there are some commercial polishing solutions available in the market. Those are also good to use for polishing.

Final Words

You don’t have to follow each way to clean an acrylic kitchen sink. Based on the type of stain and dirt on the surface, you may apply two to three of the above methods. In case of using commercial solution for cleaning, make sure it is not harmful to acrylic sinks.

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