How To Clean Kitchen Sink | 5 Most Popular Ways

Keeping your kitchen sink clean is one of the crucial points to increase the life of it. Additionally, you need to keep it hygienic all the time.

An unhygienic kitchen can cause several health diseases as it is related to your food. If the sink remains messy for a long time, bacteria starts growing there and get touch with the food items and the kitchen utensils.

Cleansing is also essential to improve the look of the sink. How to clean kitchen sinks I am going to share the most popular ways here today.

How to clean kitchen sinks

How to clean kitchen sinks

Keep the Sink Dry:

The pre-condition to taking care of a kitchen sink is keeping it dry. When the sink remains wet for a long time, there will be a watermark for sure.

Though some brands claim their products don’t get the watermark, in reality, it is not true all the time. The wet surface of the sink is also harmful to your health.

So, make sure you are keeping it dry all the time. Once you have completed your works in the sink, pass all the water from its surface with the drain opening.

Now use a cotton cloth to wipe out the surface. The cloth should not be rough which may cause scratches.

Remove the Food particles:

Once you have removed the water from the sink’s surface, you should remove the food particles from the surface.

Particularly, some foods easily stick to the surface. If it remains for a long time in the surface, there will be a hard to remove stain which you are not going to like. You may use a hand glove for removing them.

Clean with Home Made Liquid:

There are so many liquids available in the market for cleaning a kitchen sink. But most of them contain harmful material which is not safe for health.

So, it is highly recommended to use a homemade liquid for cleaning your kitchen sink. Especially, if you own a stainless steel kitchen sink, to keep the shiny look, you need to clean it with a proper liquid solution.

You can easily make a liquid at home with lemon, soda, and water. Squeeze a lemon, add one spoon of soda and mix some water and mix them to make a liquid base.

Now use a scrubber to apply the liquid and cleaning it properly. However, you can also use soap for cleaning the mess but only once in a week.

Use Bottom Grid:

To keep a stainless steel kitchen sink protected, use a bottom grid. This prevents scratches from utensils and dishes. Some brands produce a custom-designed bottom grid.

You may also get it with the sink. They are designed with rubber padding and have side bumpers to protect the sink from rust and corrosion.

Remove Rust from the Sink:

If your kitchen sink is already got attacked by rust, clean it immediately. For this, use some vinegar directly on the area of rust.

Lemon juice also works effectively on rust. So, apply either lemon juice or vinegar and scrubber to remove the rust and wash it out with water.

This keeps the shiny look and protects the sink from damage. If you follow the above methods, you can hope to have a clean sink all the time.

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