KES BVS117 Porcelain Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

Did you decorate your kitchen with marble stone or granite? Do you love to have a classic look in your kitchen? Then you should pick a kitchen sink which comes with granite or ceramic materials.

Though currently most of the people like to buy stainless steel kitchen sink, still, the ceramic sinks have a good appeal to people. If you are looking for a durable one with a good look, the KES BVS117 Porcelain Undermount Kitchen Sink would be a good choice.

Before you place an order, you may have some queries about the product to take the final decision. For your convenience, here I am going to share the features and details of this item which will help you to make the decision.

What is the KES BVS117 Porcelain Undermount Kitchen Sink?

KES BVS117 Porcelain Undermount Kitchen Sink

KES BVS117 Porcelain Undermount Kitchen Sink

This is a single bowl kitchen sink which comes with the ceramic materials. This is a cUPC certified product. It is ideal for having a classy look in the kitchen.

Features of KES BVS117 Kitchen Sink

Wider Working Area:

For completing a wide range of kitchen works in the sink is required a spacious area. If you buy a smaller kitchen sink, the first issue you will face is, larger pots and pans are not suitable to wash there.

Also, you can’t store the dishes when you want a deep cleaning. So, any kitchen sink can’t claim itself the best until it is providing enough working area.

To solve those issues, KES has designed its BVS117 kitchen sink with a larger dimension. There is no issue when you want to clean your larger utensils in the sink. You can easily wash out the mess from kitchen utensils by storing them in soap water.

Besides, this unit comes with an extra deep design. This allows storing dishes for soaking the water. It comes with 32.8 x 23.6 x 13 inches dimension.

Durable Construction:

Do you want to use your kitchen sink for a long time? Then you must purchase an item which comes with durable construction. Particularly, it should be constructed from the best materials. There is no benefit of buying an expensive sink unless it lasts longer than the cheap products.

This item from KES is made of top-grade ceramic. It looks classy and elegant fit to any kitchen décor. There are no issues when you are storing some heavy utensils in the sink, it will remain crack free.

Also, there is no fear of cracking. You can directly toss your hot pan in the sink without causing any burn in the surface. If you keep the surface clean, it looks like new even after a year. It will last longer than any stainless steel kitchen sink.

Scratch Free:

Everyone wants to keep the new look of kitchen sink for a long time. Unfortunately, most of the ordinary kitchen sink easily get scratches. Even with non-metallic utensils, the surface gets scratches which won’t make you happy.

But guess what? There will be no scratches in the sink when you are using the BVS117 model. As it comes with the ceramic materials, there won’t be any rust or corrosion. It is extremely resistance to chip, discoloration, scratching and cracking.

Proper Drainage:

Kitchen sink is a must-have product for your modern kitchen. But did you know this essential item sometimes can cause serious illness? Got confused? Let me explain.

What do you do in a sink in the kitchen? Wash the messy plates, utensils, and other stuff, right? Once you complete all the task, there would be leftover food particles and water. If you don’t clean it, bacteria starts growing and causes health issues.

If you want to keep yourself safe from the diseases, need to keep the sink dry and mess-free. Both are possible with this item from kes. It comes with the easy water passing system.

Once you complete the tasks, water will automatically go away. The drain opening is in the center that allows passing water from the surrounding. Dirt never sticks to the surface and keep the sink mess-free.


Installing a kitchen sink in the right way is mandatory. If there is a small mistake in the installation process, the sink may get crackdown. Also, the sink should sit in the right angle to take the heavy load.

The KES BVS117 sink comes with the under-mount style. You can easily install it with the instructions from the user manual. However, the item is not lightweight.

So, you need some helping hand to handle the sink during installation. Also, there are no pre-drilled faucet holes in it. It requires wall-mount or counter-mount faucet.


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Things We Liked

  • Heavily durable to do a wide range of works
  • Extra deep design to store dishes and utensils
  • Food particles don’t stick to the surface
  • There is no seam in the sink
  • Easy to clean the surface with soap and water
  • For the sink’s protection, comes in double packaging protection

Things We Didn’t Like

  • There are no additional items with the sink
  • No color options to choose

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will it crack if I accidentally drop something heavy?

As the sink comes with ceramic materials, if you hurt it with something heavy, there may have a crack.

  • Does it come with a shiny look or matte look?

It comes with a shiny white exterior.

  • Does the drainage system work properly?

Yes, the drainage system works properly and pass the water conveniently.

  • Can I put this sink on a pedestal?

No, this is not suitable to put on a pedestal.

Final Verdict

KES BVS117 is a heavy-duty farmhouse porcelain undermount kitchen sink that lasts longer than any ordinary product. It is spacious and there is no issue in the cleaning.

If you install the sink properly, there would be no crack or damage. If you want to stay safe with your sink, should go for this item. Average customer feedback for the item is satisfactory that indicates it is the best kitchen sink.

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