Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you browse the kitchen sinks in online, will find there are a wide range of products with a variety of materials. Currently, stainless steel kitchen sinks are so popular among users. They look good in kitchen décor. But when you want to have something extremely durable and long-lasting, you should choose the kitchen sink wisely. The Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink comes with the cast iron material.

When you see the product price, at first it may surprise you and you will think about why the price is so high. To answer your questions, here I am going to write a detailed review about this item. Once you complete it, you will know if this is the sink where you should spend the money.

What is the Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink?

Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

This is a single bowl kitchen sink which comes with the top grade metal cast iron. Cast iron is one of the oldest metal in the world and it is known for its extreme strength. This is the best item if you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen.

Features of Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Kitchen Sink

Wide Space for Works:

Why do you use a kitchen sink? For washing dishes and cleaning your food items before cooking, right? So, you need enough space to store them and clean them properly.

Particularly, when there is an occasion at your home, there will be so many guests and guests mean additional kitchen utensils and preparing more food. For all these things, you need to use a larger kitchen sink so that it can accommodate the kitchen stuff properly.

The popular brand Kohler exactly knows this thing and they have designed this K-6486-0 kitchen sink with a large area. The total dimension of the sink is 29.5 x 21.56 x 9.62 inches. So, you can wash so many things at the same time.

Though it is a single bowl kitchen sink, the 9.62 inches depth allows storing various stuff in the sink at the same time. You can easily store your kitchen utensils for soaking and cleaning hygienically.


 As I mentioned earlier, there are different manufacturers in the market that make kitchen sinks. The interesting fact is, everyone, claims their product is long-lasting.

But the truth is, there are a few products in the market that can last longer. Keeping this in consideration, this kitchen sink is constructed from the heavy-duty enameled cast iron.

If you know about cast iron, you know how durable this material is. The metal was first invented in the 5th century and still, it is popular among the people. So, if you buy this kitchen sink, it will be the most durable one for you.

There are no issues about the scratches. Clean the sink in whatever style you like. Moreover, this kitchen sink prevents rust and corrosion. It will look like new even after the first year.

Because of the top built and durable materials, this sink lasts longer than any other products that come with different raw materials.

Easy Installation:

Installing a kitchen sink in the right manner is so crucial for ensuring its continuation. Without the proper installation, there is no way to use it for a long time. Even your sink may crackdown. But this issue is solved in the Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink.

It comes with the farmhouse style apron front installation. If you have the essential tools and the basic knowledge of bath fixture, can do it yourself. You just need a helping hand.

The self-trimming edges require only a rough cut to your cabinetry. The minimum cabinet size recommendation for this item is 30″. However, the mounting tools are not included with the sink.

Proper Drainage:

You may sacrifice some features in a kitchen sink, but you can’t take the risk of using a product which may cause some health issues. If your kitchen sink doesn’t remove the water from its surface, there is a good chance of growing bacteria.

But Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink comes with the slopped bottom that allows the water to go away naturally. The whole basin sloped 2″ toward the drain. Offset drain increases workspace and you can easily accommodate a larger pan.

Variation in Color:

The product here I am discussing comes with the white apron. But you don’t have to limit yourself only in it. There is a wide range of colors’ options on the product page. You can buy those colors too. Just match with your kitchen décor and order the suitable one.

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Things We Liked

  • 2 degree sloped to remove water from the surface
  • Extra deep sink for accommodating enough stuff
  • Doesn’t cause any chip, crack or burn
  • Ready for heavy-duty works
  • Self-Trimming apron for installation

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It doesn’t come with any additional items
  • The sink weighs 112 pounds
  • Price is too higher than the conventional kitchen sinks

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does this kitchen sink have a high price?

It is constructed from cast iron which is an expensive metal. So, the price is high.

  • Does this sink come with the drain?

No, you have to buy that separately. There are no additional accessories with this sink.

  • In which side is the drain? Can I change the side according to my preference?

The drain comes in the right side and there is no option to change it.

  • How does the enamel finish look like? Does it look smooth?

Yes, the enamel finishing looks smooth and shiny. Goes with most of the kitchen décor.

Final Verdict

The price of the Kohler Whitehaven K-6486-0 Under-mount Single Bowl Kitchen Sink is indeed pretty higher than other kitchen sinks. But if you know about the cast iron material, it won’t be an issue for you. With one time installation, you can use it for years and years without any major scratches.

The best part is, you can directly toss hot pots and hot pans in the sink and there will be no burning. So, if you have a good budget and looking for something top-notch, this is the best kitchen sink where your money should be spent.

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