Kraus KBU24 Undermount Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Review

Kraus is dominating the kitchen sink market for a while. The secret of their success is producing high-quality products and selling at a competitive price. The Kraus KBU24 is one of their most popular kitchen sinks in the market.

Within an affordable price range, it is offering all the essential and some advanced features that you will must like.

Did you find this product online and now looking for some expert opinions? Then stay tuned in this article.

Here I am going to share each and everything that you wish to know about this kitchen sink.

What is the Kraus KBU24 Kitchen Sink?


This is a double bowl kitchen sink that comes with the undermount installation style.

The dimension of this kitchen sink is 32 x 20.63 x 9 inches. Instead of 50/50 style, it is designed with the 60/40 style for users’ convenience.

Top Features of the Sink

Double Bowl:

The first notable thing of this kitchen sink is a double bowl style. Within the 32-inch size, it is divided into two parts.

One part takes 60 percent of the sink and the other part 40 percent. This style makes the cleaning work easier compared to traditional single bowl kitchen sinks.

Suppose you have a great party last night at home. The next morning, the first thought comes into mind is cleaning.

You need to clean all the mess from the dishes and utensils. This requires enough effort.

The double bowl allows keeping heavily messed dishes in one bowl for soaking and use the other one for continuing works. Bowls are extra deep for accommodating enough dishes.

Premium Materials:

kitchen sinks mainly have two different categories which are expensive and inexpensive. Here, the Kraus KBU24 is not a cheap traditional kitchen sink.

So, you should know if it is worth to spend your budget, right? Unless the product has longevity, you shouldn’t go for it.

Kraus KBU24 is made from the best quality T-304 stainless steel. The 16-gauge stainless steel material makes the sink heavily durable.

Even if you are giving heavyweight in the sink, there is no chance of any dent. People always afraid of putting too much weight in the sink as sometimes it may crack.

No such issues are going to happen with this product from Kraus.

Noise Reduction:

I have found that many people don’t like stainless steel kitchen sinks because of the noise during works.

An ordinary SS material sink indeed creates noise when getting in touch with other things. This is so disturbing when you are cleaning some metal utensils in the sink. It spoils the calmness of the kitchen.

Kraus knows this thing very well and makes noise reduction in their products. What they have done here is, put an undercoating in the sink.

It is a stone guard undercoating that prevents noise. Moreover, there is a heavy-duty dampening pad under the sink.

This combination reduces the noise during works. This undercoating also prevents rust and corrosion to ensure longevity.

Additional Items:

Nowadays, buying only the kitchen sink is not enough. No matter even if you have purchased the best kitchen sink of the market, still you need some additional tools for your works.

For instance, when you want to keep the bottom safe, you need to use bottom grids. These are called additional supporting items.

You can buy them separately with the sink. But the problem is, it will cost you a lot.

With the Kraus KBU24 undermount kitchen sink, you can avoid this issue. It comes with all additional items for your convenience.

There is no need for any extra payment. You will receive a basket strainer, dual stainless steel bottom grids, and a drain assembly with the sink.

Superior Drainage:

You don’t want to take the risk of any health issue for your family, right?

If so, you must have to buy the best kitchen sink that didn’t give chance bacteria to grow in it. conventional kitchen sinks don’t wash out the water from the surface.

Messy water remains on the surface of the sink and bacteria start growing there. This can also keep the watermark on the sink.

But Kraus has designed this sink with a sloped bottom. Water automatically goes away from the surface. Moreover, the position of the drain in the center so that water from everywhere can pass easily.

The sink surface remains dry and safe. The corners of the sink are round that adds some additional advantages for draining.

Easy Installation:

Once you receive a new kitchen sink, you need to install the sink in the right way.

When most of the people like to use a drop-in style as it seems easier, this Kraus kitchen sink comes in the undermount style.

but the fact is, it is easy to install and there won’t be an issue for anyone.

The minimum cabinet size for the installation is 36″. However, you may trim the cabinet according to your needs.

All the installation hardware included with the product. use them and install the sink like a pro.

However, you should have the basic knowledge of bathroom fixtures for the installation.

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Things We Liked

  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Scratch and stain-resistant for new-look forever
  • Quiet with a heavy-duty undercoating
  • 5″ drain opening to attach a garbage disposal
  • Additional items for free
  • 60/40 double bowl for multiple works

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Depth of each bowl is not the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the sink keep fingerprints and watermarks?

  • The answer is no! If you keep the surface clean, there won’t be any stain. Moreover, the special finishing keeps it shiny.

What to do if the cabinet size is not suiting the sink?

  • You need some modification to install the sink properly.

Can it accommodate larger pans and pots on the surface?

  • For regular pans and pots, there is enough area inside the larger bowl. But the smaller one is not capable of accommodating larger utensils.

Does it require a single faucet or single hole?

  • You don’t have to make a hole in the sink. Instead, use the countertop for attaching the new faucet.

Final Verdict

If you have the budget that meets the price of Kraus KBU24 kitchen sink, you should go for it. The performance of the sink is amazing.

It doesn’t require much maintenance. Keeping it clean and dry is enough. You are getting additional items for free. So, it is a good deal to spend your money.

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