Kraus KHF200-36 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink Review

If you are tired of low-grade stainless steel kitchen sinks and now looking for something durable, you should increase the budget. Also, you should order your new kitchen sink from a reputed brand. Kraus is such a brand from which you will find a wide range of products. Among different products, Kraus KHF200-36 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink is the most popular one which is known as a long-lasting best kitchen sink.

Though the price is comparatively high, it is worth to invest in this product. If you are looking for an honest review of this product, this article is for you where I will share the details and what you are going to get with it.

What is the Kraus KHF200-36 Kitchen Sink?

Kraus KHF200-36 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink

Kraus KHF200-36 Standart PRO Kitchen Stainless Steel Sink

This is a stainless steel kitchen sink which comes with the single bowl style. This item comes with a wider working space that makes washing works easier.

Features of Kraus KHF200-36

Spacious Design:

When you need to do lots of works or need to clean lots of dishes, you need something spacious. If you own a smaller kitchen sink, that won’t be enough to accommodate all the stuff at the same time. Especially, if you arrange a party at home, obviously there will be tons of utensils that require deep cleaning.

Considering this, Kraus has designed this item with a larger working area. The total dimension of the sink is 35 7/8″ x 20 3/4″ x 10″. The extra depth design of the sink allows you to store the dishes for soaking and cleaning from the deep.

There is no issue if you want to clean tons of food items together, the spacious design allows to store them conveniently. Though it comes with a single bowl style, you can place the dishes on one side and use the other side for washing the food items.

Durable Construction:

No matter how much money did you spend for a kitchen sink until it last longer. For this, your chosen product need to be constructed from heavy-duty materials. People like to buy stainless steel kitchen sinks as SS material is durable.

But remember that only stainless steel doesn’t give the guarantee that the product will be stronger. Rather, construction quality should be great.

Kraus KHF200-36 is made of the top grade T304 stainless steel and the construction quality is pretty amazing. So, it becomes extremely durable and last longer than traditional stainless steel kitchen sinks. The metal is 16 gauge thick to take a heavy load.

Moreover, the Sating finish gives it a charming look that enhances your kitchen’s beauty. The wear-resistant finishing ensures it is remaining scratch-free even after years.

Less Noise:

You won’t prefer some annoying sounds during your works in the kitchen, right? Avoiding noise is possible when there is a sound-guard in the sink. Kraus has designed this item with the soundproofing technology that absorbs vibration and minimizes noise when the sink is in use.

There is extra-thick rubber padding under the sink that covers 80% of the sink for less noise. You will have a quieter experience with this item. Besides, insulation prevents rust and corrosion.

Superior Drainage:

Keeping the kitchen sink dry is one of the most crucial tips to keep it safe for your health. If the surface remains wet, bacteria can easily grow there and mix with your kitchen utensils that can cause life-threating issues.

But when you are ordering this item from Kraus, there are no such issues. It comes with a superior drainage system that doesn’t allow the water to stand on the surface.

The bottom is slightly slopped and water automatically goes away with the rear drain system. Drain opening is 3.5″ and it fits any standard waste disposal unit. The rear set design provides additional space for accommodating larger pans and pots.

Additional Items:

Modern kitchen requires a wide range of accessories for working effortlessly. Most of the time, only a kitchen sink is not enough to complete all the tasks.

There are so many additional accessories out there that will help you to complete your kitchen works comfortably. If you buy the theme separately, you need to waste another hour to find the best products.

To make your buying process easier, this kitchen sink includes Bottom Grid, Basket Steiner, Kraus kitchen towel, and cutout template. You don’t have to pay additional for these items.

Easy Installation:

If you have ever faced cracking-down a kitchen sink, there is a good chance that the installation was not okay. Keeping this factor in consideration, the Kraus KHF200-36 Standart PRO kitchen sink comes with an easy installation process.

There are three different mounting options available for this item which are Undermount, Flushmount & Topmount. All the essential mounting tools are included with the sink.

However, for some installation, you may need to modify the kitchen cabinet. Must follow the user manual instruction to avoid any issue.


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Things We Liked

  • Cutout template included with the sink
  • Corrosion-resistant surface for the longevity
  • Commercial-grade satin finish for an attractive look
  • Rounded corners for easy cleaning
  • Mounting hardware comes with the sink
  • Extra-deep basin to accommodate lots of stuff
  • Protective stone guard coating

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Its price is comparatively high
  • This is not a lightweight kitchen sink

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I install the sink in different mounting styles?

It allows to install in different ways but you need to modify the kitchen cabinet.

  • Does it suit to traditional kitchen décor?

This is a stainless steel kitchen sink which comes with Satin finish, so it easily goes with any kitchen décor.

  • Does the front sideshow fingerprints?

Yes, but they are hardly visible.

Final Verdict

The price of this kitchen sink is indeed higher than most of the products in the market. But, if you compare the features of the Kraus KHF200-36, you will realize, you are getting something extra-ordinary. Moreover, it ensures the longevity that you don’t have to change the sink regularly.


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