MOWA HTS3322 Pro Series Top Mount Kitchen Sink Review

Kitchen sink is one of the crucial parts of your kitchen. If you want to clean your utensils and dishes conveniently after a meal, you need to use the right kitchen sink. But you can’t spend your precious money on any item that you find in online.

Rather, you have to pick the right one so that it suits to your kitchen décor. People are loving the stainless steel kitchen sinks a lot because of their durable construction and a good outlook.

The MOWA HTS3322 Pro Series Top Mount Kitchen Sink is one of those products which got huge popularity among the customers.

If you have chosen this product and looking for a user experience review, this article is for you. Here I am going to cover everything that you need to know.

What is the MOWA HTS3322 Top Mount Kitchen Sink?

MOWA HTS3322 Pro Series Top Mount Kitchen Sink

MOWA HTS3322 Pro Series Top Mount Kitchen Sink

This is a large size kitchen sink which comes with the stainless steel material. It is from the popular sink brand MOWA and the product is included in their pro series.

Features of MOWA HTS3322 Kitchen Sink

Wider Working Area:

As I have discussed earlier, nowadays, you can’t complete all your works in a sink without a spacious working area. There should be enough space so that you can store the dishes directly in the sink for cleaning.

The sink should have a larger surface so that it can accommodate a large size pan or pot for cleaning.

The HTS3322 has the same features that you can do a wide range of works conveniently. Though it comes with the single bowl style, there is enough space in the sink that allows the users to accomplish all tasks without any trouble.

The dimension of the sink is 22 x 33 x 10 inches. So, this sink easily accommodates a larger pot in it. Furthermore, the extra depth design is suitable to store lots of dishes for soaking so that you can clean them from the deep.


When you are buying any accessory for the kitchen, the first thing should you consider is longevity. If your chosen item comes with durable materials, it will last longer. The built quality also need to be amazing.

You will be pleased to know that this kitchen sink comes with the top-grade T-304 stainless steel construction. The metal is 9 gauge thick to make it heavily durable. There will be no issues with it in heavy duties.

For a kitchen sink, the most terrible enemy is rust and corrosion and this problem is solved in this sink. There wouldn’t be any rust on the surface. The brushed satin finish makes it attractive and prevents scratching on the surface.


What do you find most annoying in a stainless steel kitchen sink? Is it the noise during washing something in the sink? Well, this is a big issue for most of the people who like to use stainless steel kitchen utensils.

If you like to have a calm and peaceful environment in the kitchen, there should be sound-guard technology to minimize the noise. Not every sink does have this guard but the MOWA HTS3322 does.

But when you ordering the MOWA HTS3322 top mount kitchen sink, you will just love it. This item is engineered with thick rubber dampening that minimizes the vibration and reduces noise.

Moreover, there is a stone guard undercoating in the sink that protects the sink from damage and cracking.

Superior Drainage:

Removing the messy water from kitchen sinks’ surface is essential to keep yourself safe from different health diseases. If the kitchen holds some water, bacteria will start growing in that water immediately.

As a result, when you are washing some food items or washing utensils, they will get affected by bacteria and you will suffer from diseases.

To prevent health issues, this kitchen sink has a superior drainage system. It comes with a sloped bottom that run out the water easily from the surface. The surface will dry quicker.

Its exclusive channel grooves engineered for optimal drainage and the drain is in the rear side that provides more space for working.

Added Items:

Once upon a time, people used to do everything directly in the kitchen sink. But when you want to do all the works in the kitchen directly, it reduces the life of the product. Days have been changed now.

There are a wide range of additional items are being used in the kitchen sink to protect it from damage. If your kitchen sink doesn’t have those items, you need to buy them and it will cost you extra bucks.

Also, you need to spend enough time for finding the best products.

To save you time and money, MOWA HTS3322 includes a deluxe 3-1/2″ drain assembly, 3-piece basket strainer, and a scratch-prevention stainless steel bottom grid. You don’t have to pay additionally for these items.

Easy Installation:

If your kitchen sink is broken or there is crack just after a few months of installing, there is a good chance that you didn’t install the sink properly. To avoid those issues, it is essential to mount the kitchen sink in the right manner.

For your suitability, the MOWA HTS3322 kitchen sink comes with the easy installation process. You can install the sink in Top-mount or Drop method. All the mounting hardware and cutting template are included with the sink for the users’ convenience.

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Things We Liked

  • Two pre-drilled holes for faucets
  • Brushed sating finish for an impressive look
  • Optimal drainage with slopped bottom
  • Stone guard undercoating to protect the sink
  • Scratch and rust-resistant
  • All the mounting hardware are included

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The sloped bottom doesn’t allow to store glassware safely
  • Extreme pressure can easily cause a dent

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the size of the drain opening? Can I attach a garbage disposal unit with it?

The drain opening of the sink is 3.5″ and it fits any standard garbage disposal unit.

  • Is it easy to clean after usage?

Yes, you can easily clean the surface with some vinegar or with lemon.

  • How many strainer are included with the sink?

You will get 3 pieces of the strainer with the sink.

Final Verdict

If you care for both the longevity and a good look, the MOWA HTS3322 Pro will be the best kitchen sink for you. This item is highly durable and doesn’t get scratch easily. All essential items are included with the sink. So, it is worth to invest your money for this sink.

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