Ruvati RVH8350 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink Review

Ask an expert which is the best brand for kitchen sink and if he/she tells you a list of the top brands, there will be Ruvati on the top. The Ruvati RVH8350 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink is one of the best products from this brand that comes with the most advanced features. It is designed to give the best facilities to a user within the most reasonable price. Just after releasing the product, it got huge popularity among the users.

It is designed to provide the most spacious area to the users. It assures perfection in everything. As the product comes with a comparatively higher price, you may want to get the best review for this product.

Here I am going to share the detailed review of Ruvati RVH8350 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink which will lead you to decide if this is the kitchen sink you are looking for.

What is The Ruvati RVH8350?

Ruvati RVH8350 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

Ruvati RVH8350 Double Bowl Undermount Kitchen Sink

This is a double bowl kitchen sink which comes with the deep design to provide enough area for storing dishes or other items. Like the Ruvati RVM4350 kitchen sink, this one also has the 50/50 style to complete two different works at the same time. Moreover, this is the best kitchen sink in the market if you want to do multiple works at the same time.

Features of Ruvati RVH8350 Kitchen Sink

Double Bowl:

As I have mentioned earlier, this unit comes in the double bowl style that allows you to do a variety of works at the same time. This is a time-saving product. Two bowls come in the same size and the total dimension of the sink is 19 x 33 x 10 inches. This wide area allows storing lots of stuff in the sink.

The depth of each sink is pretty high that you can keep your dishes to soak the water and clean them comfortably. When you have a party at home and there are lots of things to do, it will help. Also, the messy dishes the after party can be cleaned all together with the double bowl and deep style.


To have the best kitchen sink, you have to spend enough. So, it is crucial to check if the product comes with the durability so that it last longer.

To ensure that, the RVH8350 is constructed from the top grade T-304 Grade Stainless Steel which is a combination of chromium and nickel. This is a thick SS material that makes the sink heavily durable.

It comes with the commercial-grade brushed finish to make it shiny and it suits most of the kitchen décor. It will hide the scratches from the sink to keep the shiny look for years.

Hassle-Free Installation:

Though it seems that fitting a kitchen sink is difficult, actually it is easy when you have the right tools. For the users’ convenience, this item comes with the mounting hardware that lets you complete the installation like a pro. You just need to follow the user manual.

This kitchen sink comes with the under-mount style which requires at least 36″ base kitchen cabinet. However, for a different size, you may need to trim or modify the cabinet to fit the sink.

Less Noise:

It is really annoying to work with the stainless steel kitchen utensils as they make noise when getting touch with other things. To avoid this annoying situation, this item includes soundproof technology.

There is a heavy-duty sound guard undercoating in the sink that reduces the noise. The rubber padding in the sink minimizes the condensation.


When you want to have a larger kitchen sink and at the same time you want to save some space, there is no alternative to this Ruvati kitchen sink.

This item is designed for multitasking which is the coolest feature of the sink and saves space. It comes with a solid wood cutting board which you can install directly on the top of the sink.

It provides ample space for chopping and cutting vegetables, meat, and other items that require to prepare your foods.

Proper Drainage:

There is no hassle to remove the water from the surface of the sink. It comes with an excellent drainage system which doesn’t allow the water to stand on the sink.

The bottom is slopped that removes the entire water from the sink. It prevents the bacteria from growing in the sink. For the health concern, this is a great feature.

The drain assembly is included with the sink. Also, the rear set drainage system provides more space to work in the sink.

Extra Items:

You need some additional items to complete the tasks in the sink properly. Ruvati welly knows this and they included Colander, Roll-up Rack, Basket Strainer Drain Assembly, Bottom Rinse Grid, Cutout Template, and Mounting Clips with the sink. There is no need for additional spending.


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Things We Liked

  • It is designed for multitasking
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Solid wood cutting board to install on the top
  • Mounting hardware is included
  • Basket strainer drain to trap food waste
  • Sharp inside corners for a modern look

Things We Didn’t Like

  • Price is higher than other products from Ruvati as it comes with the most advanced features

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I install the sink when the cabinet size is 33″?

 In that case, you need to modify the cabinet.

  • Is the wood cutting board is good for cutting meat?

 When you are cutting meat, it requires more pressure and the board included with the sink is not the best for it.

  • Can I attach a garbage disposal unit directly with the drain?

 Yes, you can. The drain is ready to connect a garbage disposal unit.

Final verdict

With all the features and the added items, this Ruvati RVH8350 is one of the best kitchen sinks in the market. It already has tons of positive feedback from the customers.

Moreover, this lasts longer than other sinks from Ruvati. If you can afford the price, don’t hesitate to grab this advanced kitchen sink. It will increase the beauty of your kitchen.

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